PEAK – Employment Pathway

Gain Skills to Compete in a Global Market

PEAK is a comprehensive program designed for current students, recent graduates, and early and midcareer professionals interested in upskilling themselves by gaining international industry experience.

Key Information

12 Week Program

4 week virtual orientation

8 week experiential project

Expected Outcomes

Expand your professional network, learn the latest industry trends, and explore potential employment pathways

Program Fee - $5000

Inclusive of accommodation during the experiential learning project

This is a comprehensive technology experiential learning program designed for students, recent graduates, and early career professionals interested in pursuing a career in the technology industry

The PEAK employment pathway provides practical, hands-on learning experiences, mentorship and career coaching, and the opportunity to develop in-demand skills that employers worldwide value. Delivered in partnership with over 60 leading applied innovation hubs across Canada, participants work on employer-driven projects to solve real-world innovation challenges.
Upon completion of the program involving a 4-week virtual orientation and an 8-week experiential project phase, the program participants will have the opportunity to present their solutions to industry-leading professionals.

  • Business
  • STEM
  • Healthcare

Delivery Options + Program Fees

Education Pathway – $5,650 (in Canada) | $3,450 (OEG Global Hub)

  • Guaranteed admissions into master’s degrees at leading academic institutions
  • Scholarship
  • Advanced academic standing
  • Development of in-demand skills
  • Post-graduate work permit

Employment Pathways – $5,650 (in Canada) | $3,450 (OEG Global Hub)

  • Guaranteed employer-sponsored projects
  • Employer connections
  • Opportunities to directly train with employers with placement opportunities
  • Potential employment placement

Project Examples

TELP Business 

• Creation of a Growth Strategy for technology-based start-ups

• Thorough Competitive Analysis and marketing analysis

• Development of an international business strategy for entry into the global market

TELP Data Focused:

• Real-time visualization of customer data to assist start-ups in making better data-backed


• Interactive dashboard creation

• Development of an online energy tool to provide regional and community-level automatic data

for First Nations to better understand their energy-related opportunities.

• Probability models and machine learning to classify locations that could maximize expected ROI.

Enrollment Process

Step 1: Pay application fees and attend a shortlisting interview.

Step 2: Pick a project from the personalized shortlisted options based on your interest in the interview.

Step 3: Pay course fees and start the 1 Month online course followed by 2 months of practical experience.

International Students FAQ


  1. What is the Program Duration?

TELP is a three-month course. This encompasses a one-month training module, followed by a two-month immersive experience practical.

  1. What are the Eligibility Criteria?

We particularly encourage applications from students presently pursuing their undergraduate studies, recent graduates, and those with a desire to acquaint themselves with the technology sector in Canada.

  1. What are the Visa Requirements for International Students? {Canadian TELP}

International students wishing to enrol in TELP are required to possess a valid permit. The SX1 visa, Visitor Visa (valid for up to 6 months) is a suitable option, attainable through a straightforward application process. Notably, IELTS scores may not be obligatory. However, it is essential for students to demonstrate the alignment of their educational background with the requisites of the TELP course.

we will dispatch an offer letter to the students, accompanied by a visa cover letter for submission to IRCC.

  1. Is accommodation taken care of by OEG? {Canadian TELP}

The Accommodation is provided by OEG for the duration of 2 months while the student is here in Canada.

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Ottawa Education Group

1525 Princess Patricia Way Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 3W7 Canada

+1 (613) 908-1413

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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Upon completing the PEAK employment pathway, participants will receive a TELP certificate of completion, real-world work experience in their chosen field, and the potential for long-term employment with their matched innovation hub.