Centre for Digital Imaging and Interactive Media (CIMMI)



Founded in 2008, the Centre for Digital Imaging and Interactive Media (CIMMI) is a Collegial Centre for Technology Transfer (CCTT), incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization (NPO). Our mission is to support innovation within Canadian organizations offering applied research services. Our services range from technical consultancy to delivering complete technical solutions.

CIMMI’s clients benefit from government funding programs and tax credits related to research and development.

We rent hardware for virtual and augmented reality, 3D scanning, and 360-degree 3D shooting through our LabMedia 3D. This also supports the financing of projects.

CIMMI is part of the CCTT Synchronex network. The network includes 59 CCTT with different specialties, in other words, some 1,400 experts at the service of innovation in Québec. When possible on projects, CIMMI seeks synergies within the network to work in a matrix structure.

Thanks to its proven maturity, CIMMI is also part of Tech-Access Canada (TAC) network, which provides access to 60 research centres and more than 1,700 experts in innovation and applied research across Canada.