Centre for Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Recycling Technologies (SMART-Centre)


The Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Recycling Technologies (SMART) Centre was established in 2020 to support applied research, consulting and training in areas such as advanced manufacturing and advanced recycling technologies. The 13,000 square foot SMART Centre is located at 96 Grand Ave. S. in Cambridge ON, and houses our Next Generation e-Waste Material Recovery Pilot Plant for our advanced recycling technologies reserach, as well as flexible reserach space for advanced manufacturing related projects. The SMART Centre specializes in solving industry problems in robotics, automation, mechanical design and prototyping, welding, AI / machine learning control of automation, machine vision, hyperspectral sensor fusion, plant floor data aquisition (Industrial IoT) to support Industry 4.0 solutions, data anlaytics, visualization solutions, augmented and virtual reality, electronics design and prototyping, cybersecurity and general software solutions for industry.