Coalia (Coalia)


COALIA’s mission is to contribute to the development of innovative materials, products and processes in the mineral technology and plastics sectors.

COALIA contributes to the economic development of Quebec and Canada through applied research, technical assistance, training and information activities. COALIA works on the development of technological solutions, their transfer and implementation in a context of sustainable and responsible development.

COALIA is at the heart of the innovation ecosystem as a unique expert center in two distinct and complementary fields of expertise: plastics and mineral technologies. In each of these fields of expertise, COALIA is active in the development of materials, process optimization and the development of new value-added products.

COALIA serves companies and organizations that require technical services, applied research and development services, prototyping or feasibility analysis services, as well as consulting and coaching services, etc.

COALIA collaborates with many research partners (public research centers, university or college research centers, CCTTs and CATs, professional associations and sectoral groups, etc.) to carry out research projects for the greatest benefit of businesses.

Thanks to its high-level expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructures, COALIA is recognized as a center of scientific and technical expertise that cannot be ignored.

  • in characterization and transformation/implementation of thermoplastic polymer and elastomer materials (plastics processing)
  • in characterization and treatment of mineral substances (extractive metallurgy and mineralurgy)
  • in the characterization and development of advanced materials (nanomaterials, hybrid materials, high value-added materials, etc.).
  • Development of innovative processes such as 3D printing of engineering plastics, production of micro and nano mineral particles, development of bioplastics, recycling and product recovery, etc.
  • as a key partner in the development of technological solutions and as a reference in terms of transfer with a view to their commercialization, in its two fields of activity.