Institute for Graphic Communications and Printability (I-CI)


The ICI is a collegial Technology Access Center, in graphic communications and printability, associated with Ahuntsic College.It supports businesses through innovation, research and training while supporting college education.

Whether you are a printer, a supplier or a buyer of printed material, the ICI can meet your needs. As a center of expertise in printability, we offer unbiased and customized technical consultation services. Our technical team of field specialists, scientists and technicians is supported by a complete fleet of industrial printing equipment and a specialized laboratory for the characterization of consumables and printed products. We can ensure a transfer of technology tailored to your industry.

As a member of the graphic arts industry do you want to add intelligent features to your printed products? Are you a supplier of functional materials wanting to market a new ink? A partner of the flexible and printed electronics industry searching for better printability? The ICI and its Canadian network of academic and institutional partners have one mission: collaboration.

The ICI’s industrial research group uses their extensive knowledge of the graphics chain to develop new functional applications, including printed electronics, interactive prints, biosensors, The Internet of Things, and many more. Thanks to the transfer of the technologies resulting from the research, Canadian companies have better access to these new disruptive innovations, making our partners and their ecosystems more competitive from the local to the international level.